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South Bay Jr. Academy

Simi Valley Adventist School

East Valley Adventist School


"I like when Mr. Kaji and Galaxy come to visit us and help us learn. I also like that we can do crossword puzzles and other activities on the computer."
5th Grade Student

"GazoFi is really fun. You get to have your own account and you get to do different types of activities on the computer. It is the best!"
4th Grade Student

"You can do many cool activities, on the computer. I like that you can do projects online and see what the others are doing too."
4th Grade Student

"I like that you can draw on the pictures and type out stories to go along with it."
3rd Grade Student

"I like that Galaxy and Mr. Kaji were able to help us learn more about technology through GazoFi."
3rd Grade Student

"GazoFi has given us the opportunity to use technology across the curriculum. We use it mainly for writing reports about what we have learned in Social Studies and Science. It gives the students a chance to share their thoughts with each other online in a safe environment. The students have also published stories that they have written on GazoFi. There are so many different ways to implement GazoFi in the classroom, I often think about what parts of my lesson I could use it for."
Mrs. Perez, 3rd-5th Grade Teacher