Education.  synthesis and retention.

GazoFi offers an online platform where students, teachers, and parents can securely communicate and operate daily academic and administrative operations. GazoFi is used as a paperless solution to organizing a curriculum, notetaking through Cornell Notes, assessing through Q&A, and recording and reporting scores through Scoreboard. GazoFi is quickly adopted by students from 3rd grade and up. Students have shown to have increased test scores and better retention of material through our Cornell Notes feature.


  • Provides an education communication platform between teachers, students, parents, and administrators.
  • Teachers can upload assignments, permission slips, lectures, etc. for students’ and parents’ online viewing.
  • Uploaded lecture slides can be displayed in a full-screen slideshow presentation.
  • Students can upload completed assignments from any smart device that has access to the internet.
  • Students can type or annotate notes directly onto the teacher’s lecture slides.
  • Students can take Cornell Notes on their lectures, which aids in better retention and organization.
  • Teachers can create Q&A assignments that will self-grade upon a studentʼs completion of their assignment.
  • Scores will automatically collect and sort on our Scoreboard, for easy score reporting.
  • Flexible and clear administrative controls that range from individualized test-like conditions to group projects.
  • Allows other administrative users to have user-specified access to shared information for easy access to administrative tasks like grade reporting and attendance.
  • Due dates and Scoreboard hold students accountable to do their work within the alotted time for a convenient score report of that assignment in our Scoreboard
  • All content can be saved an re-used for future academic curriculums.
  • A dedicated team of developers, who constantly update the system with the newest features.
  • Upgradable options for site customization and licensing opportunities. Prices are negotiable.