Business.  manage the creative dialogue.

GazoFi provides a solution for small to medium sized businesses that need a dedicated multimedia management system and communication infrastructure. On top of providing our network, we also provide additional IT services, which we can personalize the system with features that you request. GazoFi conveniently stores and organizes multiple ongoing projects, provides users with plethora of features to communicate on a project’s content, and notifies and shares any new progression on a project with designated team members.


  • Designed for small to medium-sized team projects.
  • Upload supports JPEG/PDF/PNG/GIF/TIF files.
  • Each uploaded file can be commented on, annotated on, shared, and made into a report.
  • Uploaded files can be displayed in a full-screen slideshow presentation.
  • Uploaded files can be downloaded with or without the communication history.
  • Each uploaded image will display all comment and annotation dialogue, geo-tag, timestamps, download, and bookmark functions.
  • Privately share pictures, annotated notes, comments, and reports with fellow colleagues, students, family, friends, or the community through our group and project-sharing tiers.
  • Real-time updates between users with email notifications pushed to any smart device.
  • A dedicated team of developers, who constantly update the system with the newest features.
  • Upgradable options for site customization and licensing opportunities. Prices are negotiable.