GazoFi.  get to know us.

GazoFi’s blueprint is built on the organization of multi-media files and the communication of both team and individual-based dialogue across concurrent projects. GazoFi’s foundation is our multitude of unique features and the ability to add individualized features to meet the growing IT demands of our respective customers.

We license our network to individuals, schools, and businesses in both the U.S. and Japan. At the moment we are uniquely designed to expedite the submission and reporting in schools and document creative dialogue of B2B and B2C in marketing & design firms. The application of our system is endless.

GazoFi is the clear bridge when image content must be discussed between parties. That is why GazoFi is dedicated to keeping the conversation alive and the content substantive. So take a pic, share, and letʼs GazoFi!


  • A closed server dedicated to the utmost privacy between users.
  • Completely online and accessible through any PC, Tablet, and Smartphone, no download required.
  • Digital database functionality with sorting and input options for quick and customizable navigation.
  • Comment, annotate, share, and create a report from any uploaded JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF/TIF images.
  • Each uploaded image will display all comment and annotation dialogue, geo-tag, timestamps, download, and bookmark functions.
  • Privately share pictures, annotated notes, comments, and reports with fellow colleagues, students, family, friends, or the community through our group and project-sharing tiers.
  • Real-time updates between users with notifications pushed to any mobile device.
  • A dedicated team of developers, who constantly update the system with the newest features.
  • Upgradable options for site customization and licensing opportunities. Prices are negotiable.